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The South African Association Of Mountain Endurance Sport was formed as a result of there being no formal body stewarding the various disciplines of mountain endurance sport in South Africa.

Our core objectives are:

1. To draft and provide guidelines for the hosting of mountain and wilderness endurance sports events for safety of participants, environmental concerns, ethos and standards of practice between members

2. To encourage participation in events and the growth of the sport.

3. To encourage and develop the various disciplines of mountain endurance sport amongst previously disadvantaged communities, as well as under privileged communities.

4. To educate participants on the skills and levels required to compete.

5. To promote ethics in participation of the events.

6. To promote justice, equity and fair play.

7. To encourage and support a responsible approach to environmental issues, and to promote the sustainable development of existing and future events.

8. To educate and develop the communities in the areas where events are hosted regarding eco-tourism and maintenance of the environment to benefit from the tourism to these areas as a result of the events.

9. To promote the various disciplines of the sport amongst previously disadvantaged communities through training, educating and assisting participation in the various disciplines of mountain endurance sport.

10. To provide a voice and support structure for all athletes competing in the various disciplines of mountain endurance sport on a national and international level.

11. To promote and enforce drug-free participation in all disciplines of mountain endurance sport as per the code of conduct declared by WADA in Copenhagen in March 2002, and any subsequent declaration adopted by WADA from time to time.

12. To abide by the values and ethics as outlined by the International Trail Running Association. 


Founding Members

The founding members of SAAMES are:

A Saffy (Pure Adventures)

A Booth (KZN Trail Running)

G Bird (Mountain Running Events CC)

J Davis (Traillab)

S O’Keeffe (Live Adventure)

E Hoffman (Fresh Trails)

S Flemington (Running Man Adventures)

S McConnachie (UTCT)

N Bornman (UTCT)